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2006 JD 9996 Picker #21

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       2006 John Deere 9996 Cotton Picker with RWD - Stock # 21

        1541 Engine Hours, 1264 Fan Hours

          Cotton Picker is equipped with 4 new 20.8 42 Firestone R1 tires.

       All Components are repaired and replaced with John Deere OEM parts.

           See detailed list below.

  • Removed all spindles in front drums and rear drums, replaced with new spindle nut assemblies.
  • Replaced clear and green water lines from machine to units.
  • Replaced clear moisture column top housings.
  • Replaced water lines in unit cabinets and lines going to moisture column tips.
  • Removed and repaired bars with stripped gears on spindle shafts.
  • Removed old pads off moisture columns.
  • Checked alignment and put on new pads.
  • Replaced plastic liners on height sensor shoes.
  • Replaced all gaskets on unit inspection doors.
  • Removed all doffers and put new doffer stalks in front drum and replaced with high quality used ones in rear.
  • Removed old crop fan and replaced with new John Deere high velocity crop fan  (California).
  • Put new decals on all units.
  • Replaced all basket inside wooden chain protectors.
  • Replaced all long and short inside basket door wooden chain protectors.
  • Replaced one basket lid extension side screen,
  • Replaced hydraulic pump belt.
  • Replaced all basket outside bottom chain protectors.
  • Replaced bushing in row track guides.
  • Replaced all basket door outer chain protectors, one basket extension rear screen, inside basket light, one final drive seal, solution pump belt. Rotary screen drive belt, rotary screen brush, and rotary screen door.
  • Removed link out of basket floor chain and adjusted.
  • Replaced one pressure door plastic extension.
  • Replaced all moisture column bottom bushings.
  • Replaced one long drive shaft cover to units.
  • Replaced all unit cross shaft covers.
  • Replaced radio antenna.
  • Replaced electric flush valve, 4’ of 3” air duct going to units.
  • Replaced one outside mirror.
  • Replaced one bearing on shaft pulling rotary screen belt.
  • Changed engine oil and filter, both engine fuel filters, inner and outer engine air filters.
  • Replaced cab windshield wiper blade.
  • Drained all hydraulic oils and replaced with new, including all filters (internal reservoir filters also).
  • Removed both unit lift cylinders and put repair kits in them.
  • Replaced fire extinguisher post grommets in shields as needed.
  • Changed oil in both final drives.
  • Changed oil in transmission.
  • Drained engine coolant and replaced with new extended life coolant.
  • Replaced rear end oil seal and put on new oil pan gasket.
  • Shimmed bars and set moisture columns and doffers, all bars shimmed within 3,000 to 5,000 tolerance.
  • Set pressure doors.
  • Checked water system.
  • Greased units and rear of machine.
  • Replaced all cross shaft covers on units.
  • All sight glass, water and fuel replaced.

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