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2006 JD 9996 Picker #25

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       2006 John Deere 9996 Cotton Picker with 2WD - Stock # 25
        1054 Engine Hours,  794 Fan Hours

          Cotton Picker is equipped with
4 new 20.8 42 Firestone R1 tires.

          All Components are repaired and replaced with John Deere OEM parts.

           See detailed list below.

  • Removed all spindles in front drums and replaced with new nut assemblies.
  • Removed bad spindles out of back drums and replaced them with hand graded like-new nut assemblies.
  • Replaced clear and green water lines from machine to units.
  • Replaced clear moisture column top housings.
  • Replaced water lines in unit cabinets and lines going to moisture column tips.
  • Removed and repaired bars with stripped gears on spindle shafts.
  • Removed old pads off moisture columns, checked alignment and put on new pads.
  • Replaced plastic liners on height sensor shoes.
  • Replaced all gaskets on unit inspection doors.
  • Removed all doffers out and put new doffer stalks in front drum and replaced with high quality used ones in rear.
  • Removed old crop fan and replaced with new John Deere high velocity crop fan  (California).
  • Put on new decals on all units.
  • Replaced all basket inside wooden chain protectors.
  • Replaced all long and short inside basket door wooden chain protectors.
  • Replaced one basket lid extension side screen.
  • Replaced hydraulic pump belt.
  • Replaced all basket outside bottom chain protectors.
  • Replaced all moisture column bottom bushings.
  • Replaced cab windshield wiper blade.
  • Replaced long cover on drive shaft going to units, one rotary screen door latch, rotary screen brush, rotary screen belt, one basket door safety tube.
  • Replaced all basket door outer chain protectors.
  • Replaced electric flush valve.
  • Replaced front and rear grid bars and nuts as needed.
  • Replaced engine air filter housing.
  • Changed engine oil and filter, both engine fuel filters, inner and outer engine air filters, inner and outer cab air condition filters.
  • Removed basket door cylinder and replaced with new cylinder.
  • Drained all hydraulic oils and replaced with new, including all filters (internal reservoir filters also).
  • Removed one unit lift cylinder and put repair kits in.
  • Replaced fire extinguisher port grommets in shields as needed.
  • Changed oil in both final drives.
  • Changed oil in transmission.
  • Drained engine coolant and replaced with new extended life coolant.
  • Shimmed bars and set moisture columns and doffers, all bars shimmed within 3,000 to 5,000 tolerance.
  • Set pressure doors.
  • Checked water system.
  • Greased units and rear of machine.
  • All sight glass, water and fuel replaced.


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